June Goals!

Ok so I know I’m a bit late to the party because we are already one week into June, but I want to share my goals for this month!

EXERCISE: I’m currently in the middle of Week 3 of the Kayla Itsines BBG. This is not my first time working through this program, but it is still a ton of fun nonetheless. Therefore, in terms of exercise for this month, my only goal is to follow the BBG. This means doing all three resistance workouts each week, no matter what, and doing at least two LISS sessions each week. I may start to add in some HIIT training as well, but I am only holding myself accountable to the resistance and LISS sessions.

NUTRITION: Maintain a 90% plant based diet (so basically, vegan, except for 1-2 meals per week). The 10% is saved for special events and meals. I am also getting back into eating intuitively, which means listening to your body and what it is telling you. Other things I would like to focus on would be avoiding added sugar (no desserts – the sugar makes me feel sick!) and consistently taking my vitamins (key word here is CONSISTENTLY). I have been seeing good results so far with this plan and feeling very healthy 🙂

HYDRATION: For me, hydration is key because if I don’t stay hydrated, I get very aggravating headaches that do not go away until I take pain killers. Seriously, nothing can help – not rehydrating, not exercise, not eating a snack or meal, and sometimes not even sleeping. I like to avoid these headaches so I try to keep my stress low and my hydration up. The goal here is to start each morning with some warm water and lemon, and to shoot for 1.5-2L of water intake while I am at work.

LIFESTYLE: Keeping stress low and getting an adequate amount of sleep are things that I strive for! They are not outright goals, but I think they are part of a healthy lifestyle, so I keep them in mind as I go throughout my day.

TL;DR – goals are bulleted below.

  • Stick to the BBG workout plan
  • Keep 90% of meals plant-based
  • Stay hydrated.

What are your goals for June? ☼


6 thoughts on “June Goals!

  1. Why is it so damn hard to take vitamins and supplements consistently? Glad it’s not just me! My June goals: Follow half marathon training plan consistently, begin tracking meals through My Symptoms app, figure out what it would take to try meditating.

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    1. I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’ve set up my outlook calendar at work to provide me with notifications to take my vitamins 😂 thank you for sharing your goals, they are awesome! and meditating can be a very powerful force for increasing our connection with ourselves. super recommended

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      1. Honestly, just set aside like 10 minutes for yourself. Maybe before bed, or right after you wake up. Some people also like to meditate for a minute or so in random increments during the day. This probably isn’t ‘official meditating’ but I like to use the time when I take a shower to let my mind drift. Good luck!!

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  2. I love all of these goals!!! Mine are to continue meditating, stick with intermittent fasting and to exercise before breakfast.

    Also, I am not sure if you have ever heard of this but I nominated you for a Liebster Award. It’s a fun way to discover new blogs and to send traffic to them. Anyway, if you are interested you can check out the info here: https://fitnessnutritionandmoor.com/2016/06/08/paying-it-forward-discovering-new-blogs/ No pressure at all 🙂 I just think you are inspiring!

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